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Kos Culture Festival

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 Kos Festivals and Events!

Also taking place in August is a very popular Wine Festival within the Mastihari area, along with festivals celebration fish in Kefalos, and also honey in Antimachia (the Feast of Honey). If you are enjoying a winter break on the island and choose to holiday during February, then you will be here at the time of the Greek Carnival season, so you really will be in for a treat, with the main carnival parades taking place in both Pyli and Antimachia.

At the end of the summer season, Kefalos play host to the International Day of Tourism, where the island's very successful tourist industry is promoted by means of many fun events. Two month later, Kefalos is home to the religious celebrations during the Presentation of the Virgin, while in March, the Winter Festival truly provides great interest at this quiet time of the year.

From the month of July until the month of August, the festival Hippocrateia takes place in the town of Kos.

The festival includes a series of cultural events such as concerts by Greek artists and local groups, performances of ancient Greek and contemporary plays, performances of traditional and modern dance and various art exhibitions.

The majority of the events are taking place in the Medieval Castle, on Eleftherios Square, at the Orpheus Theatre and at the 3rd primary school of Kos.


The cultural events Alassarnia are taking place at the town of Kardamena. In the same village, on the 7th of August, a religious festival is celebrating the "birth of the Virgin Mary" an various festivities are taking place.

At the beginning of August, a screening of a Theatrical play is held at the village of Antimahia, as well as performances of traditional dances and songs and a celebration of traditional food. Also in Antimahia, the Honey Festival is celebrated on the 24th of August, during which visitors can taste various delicacies made with local honey.

On the 27th of September, an evening with traditional music is taking place at the village of Kefalos, for the International Day of Tourism.
On the 21st of November a religious festival is celebrating the Presentation of the Virgin at the village of Kefalos.

The Winter Festival is held from the 7th until the 17th of March at the town of Kos, during which various music, theatre and dances performances as well as art exhibitions and film projections.


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