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Kos Culture Festival

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The island of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine. Its fertile land was settled since 3.000 years B.C. The rich core of the island has brought up over two hundred thousand people, as it is mentioned in Homer.

Its vast vegetation, its plentiful waters, and the morphology of its coasts, form an environment of unbelievable beauty, which is preserved until today, due to the infrastructure, and the caring of the people of Kos. Meeting centre of ancient, Greek, Western, and Eastern civilisations.
The city of Kos is an open archaeological park, which harmoniously lives together with the modern pace, of touristic development.

Kos Island Visitor's Guide by Kinitro


Kos Visitor's Guide



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Kos Marina

Kos, one of the biggest islands of Greece is proud of its marina, whose facilities and services have turned Kos into one of the main sailing and cruising crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea. With a capacity of 230 boats and a full range of services, even the most demanding skippers will be satisfied and will probably use the marina as an ideal base for their sailing adventures in the Aegean Sea.