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Ideal Rentals, Kos Island

Kos Island WebCams!

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Camel Bar

Camel Bar was established in Kos island at 1997. It is located at the harbour of Kos town at the most busy street during the summer!


Cavo D' oro Hotel

Cavo D' oro Hotel CAVO D’ ORO - Holiday Resort Ενα νέο συγκρότηµα µπροστα στο κυµα, κτισµένο σύµφωνα µε την αρχιτεκτονική του νησιου. Σε ησυχη περιοχη και σε µικρη αποσταση απο το κεντρο µε αψογη εξυπηρετηση, ανετο, φιλικο και οικογενειακο περιβαλλον.


Continental Palace

One of the most famous first class hotels in kos ideal for relaxation. Tradition in hospitality and friendliness. A simple environment for the visitors. Just opposite of the MARINE for those who would like also to cruise at Aegean islands..


Cosmopolitan Hotel

3 star hotel in Kos island Greece

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