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Kos Culture Festival

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Quality & Entertainment


Starting from friendly and comfortable apartments and moving on to luxurious 5* hotels, Kos provides you with a wide range of choices for your accommodation.


As far luxury is concerned where are the limits to be found? Nowhere! Taste the ultimate luxury in Kos! Take a deep breath and enjoy what you had only dreamed of. . .


Kos: An island full of life. Once the sun goes down, the party begins and doesn't seem to end. Start by dining and continue with a drink in a night club or a cocktail bar by the beach. In either case, having a good time on this island is guaranteed. Parties last forever and when the whole island becomes one happy company, small things such as anxiety or stress, just don't seem to have any effect. For those still hanging on to their romanticism, a beach party under the moonlight will bring out the best of them, while a sunrise after a night next to the beach will make them remember these days for ever…

Koans know how to enjoy their life and how to show a great time to their guests.


Picturesque mountain villages on Dikeos, the highest mountain of Kos (846m) offer a spectacular view over the northern coastline towards the neighboring islands and give the visitor a deep feeling of freedom over the sea… Antimachia, the only village to have kept its ancient name, is full of traditional windmills, spread along the ruins of the famous Venetian Castle. Antimachia is surrounded by astonishingly beautiful nature and abundant running waters.

At the end of the summer, don't miss the Honey Festival in Antimachia, the Ouzo Festival in Kefalos and the Fish Festival in Mastichari and Kardamena, a true taste of the original Greece.

Small villages by the sea or on the mountainside add to the beauty of Kos and give a traditional touch to your stay. Zia, Tigaki, Marmari, Mastichari, Antimachia, Kardamena and Kefalos are only some of the places you can't leave Kos without having seen.


For those who have no time to spare, Kos is only a flight away. For others enjoying traveling in the sea, taking the boat is a time consuming, but more romantic solution. Kos is a European destination, which follows the EU regulations and standards both in service and safety .


In Kos various traditional Greek sweets can be found such as the baklava, the loukoumades (sort of honey puffs),  and the most famous sweet tomatoes.
The villages of Kefalos and Antimahia are specialised in honey, which is really excellent.


Handmade fine art
The island of Kos produces fine porcelains, ceramics, jewellery and weavings. The villages of Antimahia and Asfendiou are specialised in handmade weavings.

Local dishes
Various mouth-watering dishes can be tasted in Kos such as the pork cooked with cracked wheat, the “krasotiri” (cheese cooked with wine), the “xinomitzithra” (soured local cheese), “galomitzithra” (milky local cheese), stuffed vegetables, wild rabbit with onions, zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, grain bread as well as local meat, fish and shellfish cooked in various ways.

Wine Cheese (Krasotyri)

In Kos various traditional Greek sweets can be found such as the famous baklava, the loukoumades (sort of honey puffs), halva with honey and the kourabiedes (shortbread biscuits with almonds and castor-sugar).
Local sweets such as sarsoumades with honey, fruits in syrup and xerotigana (fried pastry) are also worth-trying.
The villages of Kefalos and Antimahia are specialised in honey, which is really excellent.